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Who Will Have a Better Career in New York: Saquon Barkley or Sam Darnold?

Both New York football teams are entering the 2018 season putting all of their eggs into their rookie baskets as the New York Giants need Saquon Barkley to succeed immediately so they can justify not drafting Eli Manning’s replacement and the New York Jets have convinced themselves that they finally have their first franchise quarterback since, what? Chad Pennington? Yikes.

Both teams were garbage last season and these rookies are going to have to make an immediate impact or else they will be at the top of the draft again next season.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it until Week 1 of the NFL season: Lamar Jackson had more rushing yards in college than Saquon Barkley. Barkley had an amazing NFL combine and we all know that he is thiccccc as fuck. Highkey thick with it.

Barkley only had five 100-yard rushing games in 13 games at Penn State last year. He had a 35-yard game against Rutgers. I could run for at least 55 against Rutgers’s defense but there I go bragging again.

[whispers so that Giants fans can’t hear me] Lamar Jackson had ten 100-yard rushing games last season. The Giants needed a running threat and a quarterback to replace the 37-yard old interception prone guy they currently have and the Giants could’ve killed two birds with one stone if they traded down to get more draft picks and Lamar Jackson.

But that didn’t happen. And now the Giants have Reggie Bush, I mean Saquon Barkley. Yay.

Sam Darnold was gifted to the New York Jets because the Browns are dumb and the aforementioned Giants chose Barkley. Jets fans rejoiced as they drafted their new franchise quarterback who led the Pac-12 in interceptions last season.

He is a turnover machine which is high praise for like, a middle linebacker. But it’s damning when it’s your starting quarterback. Don’t be shocked if Teddy Bridgewater gets more playing time this season than Darnold.

We have never seen the Jets develop a quarterback.

Christian Hackenberg’s NFL career is over now because the Jets let him down. Bryce Petty is as bad now as he was when he was drafted. Geno Smith never improved. I don’t see the Jets magically figuring out how to develop Darnold, especially considering they are continuing to make the same mistakes of having too many quarterbacks taking away reps from Darnold in practice.


So who will have a better career in New York?

Well, it depends on what you mean by ‘better career’. If you mean who will have better statistics then I believe that goes to Saquon Barkley. At no point in my lifetime have the New York Jets ever lit it up offensively. Can’t imagine Darnold steps in and all of sudden they’re leading the league in scoring.

Saquon Barkley is going to get any and all opportunities to get his stats up. Whether it’s rushing the ball or catching the ball out of the backfield, The Giants are going to get their money’s worth from the No. 2 overall draft pick.

Barkley will be covering those gigantic legs with a gigantic blanket when he’s maneuvering through these streets in a wheelchair like FDR when the Giants are done squeezing every yard out of him.

If better career means more winning than that for sure goes to Saquon as well. That offense has so many stars that it doesn’t even matter who the quarterback is. Davis Webb can step up next season and he’d still be throwing to Odell Beckham, Sterling Shephard and Evan Engram.

Sam Darnold will always have to play against Tom Brady. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Tom Brady is 40-years old. He’s retiring soon.’ Don’t be shocked in 15 years when Sam Darnold and Tom Brady are announcing their retirements on the same day.

Darnold will be the next Mark Sanchez which is fine I suppose. Sanchez marched to the AFC Championship game 2 seasons in a row anddd then became what he really was: an average backup quarterback. Darnold will have that same career minus the early playoff success.

Saquon Barkley is the king of New York. Sam Darnold is a guy in New York.




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