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Who is the Odd Man Out When Didi Gregorius Returns?

Didi Gregorius, the star shortstop of the New York Yankees is set to return in about two weeks after nursing an elbow injury he suffered in the playoffs last year sliding into home plate.

But the Yankees have been excelling without them as they currently have the second best record in baseball and Didi’s replacement, Gleyber Torres, could easily be returning for his second career and back-to-back All Star appearances.

Gleyber has 14 homers and 31 RBIs in 53 games. He’s slashing .288/.330/.551. He’s also a beast with the glove as he and Gio Urshela are dominating that side of the infield.

So when Didi returns, someone on this team is going to have to loss an unfair amount of playing time and at-bats.

This is what Aaron Boone had to say about playing time:

“It kind of depends on where we are at when you start talking about who is in the mix at that point. Is Giancarlo [Stanton] going to be back, when does Aaron [Judge] come back? [Voit] could certainly fill the [DH] role a little bit. I envision giving them everyone a day [off] once a week.’’

It’s safe to say when Didi returns, he’ll be the starting shortstop which moves Gleyber to second base so now suddenly DJ LeMahieu is a man without a position.

You can’t have LeMahieu on the bench. He’s 7th in the AL with a .313 batting average as he is objectively the best hitter on the team. The Yankees are almost 20 games above .500 and wouldn’t be in that position if it weren’t for DJ.

And it’s not a simple as moving DJ to third base because Gio Urshela is so good that Miguel Andujar elected surgery over competing with him for the starting job.

Gio is batting .331 and pretty much already won the Gold Glove Award. It would be malpractice to move him to the bench at this point.

So who is the odd man out when Didi Gregorius returns?

Luke Voit is Top 10 in homers. Sure, he’s not the best defensive first baseman of all time but as long as Judge and Stanton are gone, you need a 400 pound Incredible Hulk swatting baseball to Neptune.

That leaves a DH position that has Giancarlo Stanton’s name on it but is currently being occupied by Kendrys Morales, a man who you could tell me is 48-years old and I’d roll my eyes at you because there’s no way he’s younger than 55.

Until Judge and Stanton return, the Yankees don’t need to make any massive changes. Clint Frazier can continue to call himself a Yankee for at least two more weeks before Giancarlo rolls him into a ball and sends him down a garbage shoot back to Scranton.


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