Who Gives a Shit If The Vice President is a Woman?

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders had a weird old man debate in an empty CNN studio where they spent the first hour going back and forth telling us the very obvious things they would do during a Coronavirus outbreak. An outbreak that is currently happening which means they have absolutely no power over the way it’s being handled making the discussion totally unnecessary and pointless.

They might as well have been bragging about how quickly they could rebuild towns in Sim City when a random tornado strikes or there’s an alien invasion.

When the awful CNN moderators brought the conversation into reality, it became Joe Biden’s time to lie and pander.

The pandering reached its peak when Joe Biden declared he would pick a woman to be his vice president for no reason before Dana Bash—the genius moderator who at one point asked Bernie Sanders if China should be punished for the spread of Coronavirus—incredulously asked Biden to repeat himself like he made some sort of landmark historic comment before then asking Bernie if he would also select a woman for VP.

After the debate, it was the first thing Anderson Cooper wanted to discuss. It was the No. 1 trend on Twitter. Still don’t understand why so many people were shocked to hear that Joe Biden wants women around him.

As I write this article shitting on Biden, there is someone far more successful writing a post praising Joe for being a feminist icon or whatever when in actuality, none of this matters.

Let me start by saying that women are better than men. And if you disagree then explain to me why Mia Khalifa has any popularity? Have you ever seen her porn? Homegirl STINKS but dumb men simped her into mainstream pop culture.

COVID-19 took sports away from me. Expect a lotttt of porn references for a few months.

Anyway, women obviously deserve to be vice president and it’s not news. As much as CNN attempted to turn that into a ‘moment’, anyone who’s been paying attention to these two candidate’s campaign already knew the VP was going to be officer Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren.

This isn’t groundbreaking stuff. The most qualified and accomplished democrats right now are literally all women.

Manufacturing a news story out of this is the most patronizing lazy bullshit and has the exact opposite effect that it’s attempting to achieve. Joe Biden, of all people, knows how invaluable a vice president truly is. Real quick, list off all of Mike Pence’s VP accomplishments from the last four years…

Joe Biden isn’t a hero for mumbling that he’d hand a woman one of the least important jobs in his nonexistent administration. What a condescending way to pat a woman on the head while saying ‘president is a boy’s job but you can be my little assistant, sweetheart’. Shit, there is quite literally a woman STILL running to become the Democratic presidential nominee and she hasn’t been invited to any of these debates.

Shout out Tulsi, my little Russian surrogate.

If you cared so much about Amy Klobuchar then you would’ve voted for her and not Joe Biden.

Do you realize how gross it feels to see Dana Bash’s excitement about Biden picking a female VP while having none of that same excitement for the women actually running for president? You’re flat out saying that you need a y chromosome to be a leader. You’re telling on yourselves.

And how quickly we forget the last time a dying geriatric man pandered to women by selecting a female vice president.

vice president

Man, John McCain’s presidency was the best four years of my life. Thank gawd he picked Sarah Palin and won 100% of the female vote. What a time to be alive.

The White House isn’t a fucking TV show starring all your favorite characters. Enough with the corny fan fiction. “Oooo I hope Joe Biden picks Stacy Abrams for VP ooo or maybe Michelle Obama for the Supreme Court too. Hopefully Aaron Sorkin directs it:

Bernie Sanders wants to give everyone health care and Joe Biden doesn’t want to change a damn thing. Any conversation outside of that is nonsense. Please log off.



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