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While Dak Prescott Tap Dances For Jerry Jones and Pretends Black People Don’t Face Discrimination, His Father Gets Arrested For Weed

What Happened?

Ah, sweet sweet delicious irony. Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Dak Prescott has spent all of training camp completely dismissing any and all of the NFL players protests during the National Anthem against police discrimination and now look at this. His father is arrested on a bullshit weed charge.

This feels right.

Statistically, black people are 8 times more likely to be arrested for weed in this country which is insane considering there are far more white people openly getting high and being ignored by the police.

It’s also insane considering that recreational weed is legal in 9 states and medical marijuana is legal in 30. We can stop pretending like smoking weed is the work of the devil and admit that laws exist almost exclusively to arrest black people for no reason.

But Dak would never protest.

What a little bitch.

All that tap dancing for the white man and your dad STILL gets arrested for weed. You think Tony Romo’s dad was getting pulled over and arrested for smoking a little kush? Romo’s dad could walk into the local Texas police precinct holding a dead body he freshly murdered and the police would pat him on the back and say ‘we’ll take care of this for you Mr. Romo’.

Dak Prescott’s dad has a little weed on him and he ends up in handcuffs. It’s almost as if race supersedes football. Hm. So like, maybe kneeling during the National Anthem to draw attention to racial discrimination should supersede football as well. Hm. Interesting.




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