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Which Newly Acquired Player Will Have a Bigger Impact on Their New Team’s Playoff Success: Josh Donaldson or Andrew McCutchen?

Two former MVPs have been moved at the end of the real trade deadline and both players have found themselves in the middle of playoff pushes as the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees are looking to represent to the American League in the World Series.

I will attempt to be rational during this discussion. I won’t scream about Josh Donaldson having a vagina or Andrew McCutchen being the greatest Yankees of all time. Just be aware that both of those statements are true but I’ll pretend like they’re not for a few minutes.

Aaron Judge doesn’t have a wrist and Brett Gardner forgot how to hit baseballs which is less than ideal. Unfortunately, Aaron Hicks can’t play all 3 outfield positions and Shane Robinson has no business playing major league baseball so inserting a former NL MVP into the outfield can only help the squad.

Josh Donaldson was the 2015 AL MVP. That was the worst day of my life. Donaldson has been on the disabled list since the end of May because his widdle calf hurts and after being acquired by Cleveland, he is back on the 10-day DL but he has a rehab assignment coming up and will be back in the majors with his lame ass chinstrap beard sooner than later.

Indians second baseman, Jason Kipnis, seems to be on the downside of his career as he’s batting only .226 this season so bringing in Donaldson to play third and moving potential MVP Jose Ramirez to second pretty much gives Cleveland the best offensive infield in the American League.

So who will have a bigger impact on their team’s playoff success?

There isn’t a reality in all of the multi-verses in which I ever say that Josh Donaldson is better than not only a New York Yankees but a player in McCutchen that I’ve been begging the Yankees to acquire for the last TWO years of my life.

I do not trust Donaldson’s health. He loves doing this super cute thing where he goes on the disabled list forever and I’d argue, that won’t really help Cleveland much. He also lost arm strength after last season’s shoulder injury so his arm throwing from third to first base is weak.

Andrew McCutchen gives the Yankees a much needed threat on the bases outside of Brett Gardner and he can actually hit. When Aaron Judge returns we’re looking at a potential McCutchen, Hicks, Judge outfield.

That’s three black guys out there in pinstripes holding it down for the culture. This is what Malcolm X choked out white people for. This very moment when all three of those guys can go out there and win playoff games for the greatest franchise in sports. I’m crying.






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