What The Fuck Is Taylor Swift Doing?

Taylor Swift has released her first single off of her next album Reputation anddd the jig is sky high. The Taylor Swift train has derailed as Look What You Made Me Do has come in hooooot with a new summer anthem for school shooters across the country. Look What You Made Me Do sounds like the unofficial theme song for 13 Reasons Why, where a girl kills herself and puts the blame on every single person she interacted with.

Somewhere in the world, there is a man beating his girlfriend with this song playing in the background while he cries and shouts ‘LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO’. What exactly is it that we made this chick do? I’ve been fairly chill. I listened to Shake It Off on repeat just like everyone else I know.

This song is trash and part of me thinks it’s trash on purpose. Stay woke. The point of the song is for everyone to realize that it’s a Kanye West diss track so that the internet would buzz and she’d break Youtube records as people wanted to either run to hear her Kanye digs or run to hear for themselves how bad this song is. I see you, Taylor.

If we are to believe this song is sincere and this video is supposed to represent the shedding of her former identities then it fails in that regard. Taylor Swift has been annoying for many years in many different forms but it appears as though she’s attempting to reinvent herself. She deleted all of her old social media posts and her video references her old personas which makes no sense because if she wants us to forget that old Taylor, she probably should stop fucking talking about and showing us the old Taylor.

The separation between self-awareness and self-importance is one ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video, apparently. I mean, homegirl literally has a part in the video where her old personas climb on top of each other to reach the new Taylor who is standing in front of a giant T and she puts her arms out like she’s being crucified. Jesus. [1. I mean Taylor*]

What the fuck is Taylor Swift doing?

Selling. Records.




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