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What Exactly Does Gary Sanchez Do Well?

It’s been announced that Gary Sanchez will start in every playoff game for the New York Yankees this postseason which is interesting considering that if you think about it, he is objectively the worst player on the team.

Gary Sanchez is batting .180 this year. He has 56 hits in 311 at-bats. Gary Sanchez has 20 more hits than Luke Voit. Luke Voit has 188 fewer at-bats than Sanchez does. Not a great look for Gary. Sanchez is pretty much an automatic out in the middle of the lineup.

Surely his defense must be great to overcome his poor play in the batter’s box, right? RIGHT??

Gary Sanchez has played 72 games at catcher this season. He has 4 more passed balls than anyone else in all of baseball.

If there is a runner on 3rd base and Sanchez is behind the plate, there is a 500% chance that runner will score on a passed ball because Sanchez has no idea where any pitch is going and when the ball rolls past him, he jogs for it like he’s being forced to play catch with his little brother and his brother keeps throwing the ball all over the yard.

So what does Gary Sanchez do well?

Sanchez has unlimited power and can smash baseballs into the parking lot. He has 16 home runs and none of those were accidents. They were all bombs. Unfortunately, he swings at the worst possible pitches and he lets pitchers control the at-bats so he’s grounding out to first base all day every day because he has the plate discipline of as a child with ADD on coke.

He has a cannon for an arm that gives opposing base runners pause but at the same time, guys who can really steal bases know that they can put pressure on Sanchez because yes, the ball will get there in the blink of an eye but it’ll also be throw over the shortstop’s head and into the outfield.

This is probably too late to say after an article of just shitting on him but I’m actually a huge Gary Sanchez fan. I just want what’s best for my thick son, Gary. I think he could be a future Hall of Famer.

I also think, at the moment, he is garbage and when you really sit and watch him play every day for the past few weeks you realize ‘oh shit…Gary is bad at like, every single aspect of this game’. Yikes.






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