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Wesley Johnson is Dead, James Harden MURDERED Him

My. God.


Thoughts and Prayers to the Johnson family who lost their son, Wesley, to the cold and heartless hands of James Harden who brutally murdered him in on live television in front of millions of NBA fans. Jesus.

The staredown following the slaughter added a whole other level of disrespect. Shades of teabagging someone after you kill them in Halo 3. Harden put a sword through Wesley Johnson’s chest and then flexed over his grave like Hollywood Hulk Hogan in the middle of Madison Square Garden after he legged dropped The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania.

Here’s what James Harden had to say about the staredown:

“I was trying to figure out what he was doing?”


Yo, Wesley, my dude, you’re out of the league. I know everyone wants Zaza Pachulia to be kicked out of the league after that Russell Westbrook incident where he intentionally landed on his legs in an attempt to injure him.

But nope, if anyone needs to be banned from the NBA, it’s Wesley Johnson, who physically can longer play now that his ankles are glued to the hardwood at Staples Center. Emotionally, there is no reason for him to ever leave his house again. Save him the pain and release him from his contract.










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