Watch This Wedding Minister Vomit Her Brains Out in the Middle of This Bride’s Vows


I honestly have the same reaction to love so I completely understand how this wedding minister vomit fiasco happened. This bride was talking about lame love stuff and the minister’s natural reaction was to throw up. Same.

Shout out to this bride though for just ignoring the minister dying next to her and just powering through her wedding. No way she was an obnoxious bridezilla during the wedding planning process. No way. She was definitely in control of her emotion the entire time.[1. sarcastic as fuuuuck]

This is what happens when you cheap out and get married in your coworkers backyard. You get bitches losing their lunch and dog crap all over your shoes. There’s another metaphor about love in there somewhere but I’m writing this at 4AM and mentally I don’t have those tools at my disposal at the moment.




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