We Should Probably Be Way More Concerned About Russell Westbrook’s Knee

What Happened?

The team announced that superstar guard Russell Westbrook has been ruled out for Tuesday’s game against the Golden State Warriors. Westbrook had originally been listed as out on the team’s injury report for the game, but the Thunder were making a final assessment on Tuesday.

Westbrook underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee on Sept. 12, with the plan to be re-evaluated in four weeks. As of Oct. 11, head coach Billy Donovan revealed that the former NBA MVP had yet to be cleared for full contact and had been working with the Thunder’s medical team in “controlled situations.”



Uh, I feel like people are ignoring the fact that Russell Westbrook had knee surgery LAST MONTH and still has yet to be cleared for full contact basketball. I’m hearing MVP talk and talk about the Thunder potentially taking the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference? That’s going to be difficult considering Westbrook only has one leg right now and the season has begun.

Perhaps penciling in an MVP trophy for the 30-year old point guard who’s entire game is based around his explosiveness, is actually a mistake. Not to compare Westbrook to Steve Francis and Derrick Rose but like yo, Steve Francis and Derrick Rose. Do we not remember Baron Davis? These point guards that jump out of the gym don’t last forever.

Now, none of those guys ever averaged a triple-double in a season. Westbrook did that twice. I don’t know if I’m bringing that up to say that means he’s an alien and unique from all of those aforementioned point guards or if I’m saying that all that effort and wear and tear from snatching rebounds from Steven Adams’s hands mean his knees are even worse than we know.

Obviously, I am not rooting for the demise of the most exciting player in the NBA. I more just want to point out that we sort of assume that he won’t skip a beat when he returns and we should probably get comfortable watching Dennis Shroder and Raymond Felton’s hungry ass lead the Thunder to the 7th seed.





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