We Need To Talk About That One Flash Scene in the Justice League Snydercut

Warner Bros gave Zack Snyder the keys to the DC universe. Snyder created Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman so rightfully, DC took the keys away from him after his inability to leave the lot without smashing into every single car.

Halfway through the creation of Justice League, Snyder had to leave the film and the studio brought in Joss Whedon to save the DC universe and make it Avengers-y. The two men joined forces to make one of the worst movies ever conceived. Goals.

Fans demanded Zack Snyder get a chance to complete his ‘vision’, even though we saw Batman V. Superman and that man’s vision requires Lasik surgery but thanks to a pandemic that shut down theatres, Warner Bros just shrugged and let Snyder make his nonsense and that brings up to the scene that introduces us to the Flash.


This is a dumb scene.

The action is set off because Barry Allen goes to interview at a pet store and looks eyes with a far better looking woman as she is leaving. The two cannot keep their eyes off each other as the young woman, Iris, gets into her car, pulls out of her parking spot and just speeds through an intersection because she cannot stop staring at this pale boy before crashing into a fucking TRUCK and flying out of her convertible.

What are we doing here?

This girl is sooooo horny for this very plain milquetoast twink that after turning her keys in the ignition and driving away, she is so enraptured by his frail frame that she cannot look away from him as she is actively operating her motor vehicle directly through a traffic light.

And then to escalate a disconcerting moment into a creepy one, Flash catches her in slow motion and instead of saving her and placing her on the sidewalk or whatever, my dude caresses her, brushes her hair and embraces her all while her car is still flying and a truck driver is concussed nearby.

This is not how humans behave. This is not a meet-cute. This is odd and it’s what happens when Zack Snyder—a man who treats characters like action figures and not actual humans—is given the task of introducing and make us care about characters.

We really had to include this scene? It’s a 4 hour movie and we had to give 5 minutes to Flash like, sniffing an unconscious woman’s hair? Okay.

Petition to keep Zack Snyder away from film.

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