We May All Go Back To Collectively Making Fun of the Los Angeles Lakers

Not sure if you guys heard the news but it turns out the Los Angeles Lakers actually didn’t sign Kawhi Leonard like all of the reports said they would.

Dang. What a shame.

Let’s take a quick peek at who they did end up signing with that max cap space:


The Lakers were supposed to be a LeBron/Anthony Davis/Kawi Super Team where one of those superstars could dominate one night while the other two take a break considering neither of these three players have been the epitome of physical durability in recent years.

Then they would fill the rest of the roster with whatever scrubs they could acquire with minimum contracts because it wouldn’t matter. Their jobs would consist exclusively of watching Kawhi work.

Instead, they didn’t sign Kawhi but still had to sign whatever scrub they could and the end result is essentially the same awful roster that missed the playoffs last year but with Anthony Davis thrown in the center of it.

Now, we’re going to get back to laughing at the Lakers but I don’t want to act like the acquisition of Anthony Davis is no big deal. You could make the argument that he’s the best player in the NBA and playing with LeBron means that all of the defensive responsibility will fall on his shoulders.

We could potentially see a level of Anthony Davis we’ve never seen before.


We could just see LeBron sitting out a bunch of games because he’s an elderly man with a sore groin while the 2017 New Orleans Pelicans get their doors blown off by the Clippers.

Are we to believe that DeMarcus Cousins is going to be the first big man to tear his achilles and return to All-Star form? Because last year he didn’t leave the ground when he tried to jump like his Xbox controller ran out of batteries.

Rajon Rondo, Frank Vogel and Jason Kidd walk into a locker room after a 110-84 loss to the Houston Rockets. Who comes out alive? Oh, did you forget about the toxic coaching situation that this Lakers front office put together? And did you forget Rondo’s history with coaches he doesn’t like?

Oh, and I have even mentioned yet that the very FIRST player the Los Angeles Lakers signed when they were waiting for Kawhi to make a decision was…Jared Dudley.

Glad they added a guy who will talk shit about other stars in the league and proceed to get tackled into the front row because of it. The finishing touch to another 10th place finish.


Everyone in the Western Conference has guards that get defenders fits. Steph Curry. Damian Lillard. Russell Westbrook. James Hard. Donovan Mitchell.

The Lakers decided that the only guard they’ll have on their roster is 33-year old Rajon Rondo. Man, De’Aaron Fox is going to run the Lakers the fuck out of the gym next season. Who’s going to stop CJ McCollum? Alex Caruso??


But hey, they got to keep Kyle Kuzma though. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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