We Lost Lamar Jackson

Over the weekend we lost the reigning NFL MVP as there is a new Lamar Jackson Donald Trump friendship forming on Twitter that no one on planet Earth saw coming.

What a nasty Twitter exchange between these simps. Just make out already and stop blowing up our timelines with your flirting.

I can’t even wrap my head around Donald Trump’s initial tweet. Your special needs president was screaming about liberating midwestern states from the tyranny of their state legislators refusing to let them die of coronavirus and then suddenly in the midst of revving up his low-IQ followers, he decided to stop and congratulate Lamar Jackson completely unprovoked.


“Truzz Trump”.

Damn. Why can’t we have nice things?

Lamar Jackson was probably the blackest quarterback in NFL history and now he’s dabbing up the same guy who bought an entire page in four different New York newspapers demanding the death penalty for the Central Park 5. Imagine hating black kids that much that you’re buying ad space shouting that they should be dead.

One time, so hilarious, but one time Donald Trump said people from Haiti all have AIDS and Nigerian immigrants should go back their huts. But nah, Truzz Trump, right?

If all of that is too far away from Lamar’s line of sight, we don’t have to go too far into the past to remember that Trump went to war against the NFL because a player protested police brutality. Trump called the players ‘sons of bitches’ and called the owners weak for not controlling their players. Again, the protest was against police brutality.

I’m going to blame Robert Griffin III’s corny ass for infecting Lamar Jackson. RGIII was Lamar’s backup last season and Lamar probably looked up to Griffin. RGIII was the first Lamar Jackson. Able to escape any pass rush and could send the ball down the field with just a flick of the wrist.

He’s also the most swaggerless clown with no self-awareness and a barber that does not respect him as a man.

Lamar Jackson needs to pick his friends better. We also need to officially retire ‘truss’ from our vocabulary now that it was used to co-sign Trump’s attention-seeking behavior.

Can we just have ONE NFL star that’s not like ‘Trump isn’t so bad’ while Trump signs executive orders to ban brown people from stepping foot in America and he makes state governors have gladiator fights to the death for extra ventilators? No?

Let us remember Lamar Jackson as he was in 2019: Black as hell. We had a good run. Nothing lasts forever.




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