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Watching Julius Randle Play Basketball is a Punishment

When Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving left the New York Knicks on read this offseason, New York immediately pivoted to throwing a 3-year $63 million deal at Julius Randle. Little did I know it would be the worst day of my life.

On paper, Julius Randle would appear to be a productive NBA player. Averaging 19 points along with 9.6 rebounds he’s damn near dropping 20 and 10 on a nightly basis. Some would argue those are borderline All-Star statistics.

But then you actually watch him play…

This is every single possession.

Whenever Randle gets the ball in his hands he charges directly into the chest of his defender as he barrels into the paint before spinning into double and triple teams and instead of passing to the open shooter on the perimeter, he’ll either shotput the ball against the backboard hoping to draw a foul or he’ll turn the ball over.

When he grabs a defensive rebound, he always tries to go coast-to-coast but he has the absolute worst court vision. He’s an atrocious passer who randomly decides to chuck it at a blue jersey halfway through his layup gather. He’s averaging 3 turnovers a game which is trash for someone who perceives themselves to be the team’s primary ball handler.

He’s a professional basketball player who needs to look down at the ball when he dribbles and next thing he knows, he’s stumbling headfirst into two defenders before he spins into a third before launching the ball into the front row.

And when the Whirling Dervish isn’t working out, he becomes an even less productive player. Randle is shooting 26% from the 3-point line yet he continues to shoot about 4 perimeter attempts per game.

Watching Julius Randle play basketball is Bush Era level torture.

Having to watch him display Newton’s law of physics every night is a worse punishment than Major League Baseball gave to the Houston Astros for cheating. He truly is the billboard for ‘An Object In Motion Stays In Motion’ as it doesn’t matter how many defenders you stack in the paint, if Randle decides he’s going to the basket then he’s going to the damn basket no matter what.

He rarely moves without the ball so he’s essentially useless. Defensively, he moves in slow motion and rarely contests any shots. Most of his rebounds come from grabbing his own misses, which there are plenty.

Get this bum the fuck out of here.

The Knicks need to focus on cultivating and developing young players and maxing out their potential and that’s impossible with guys like Julius Randle and Bobby Portis on this roster playing 1-on-5. RJ Barrett should be taking a majority of the shots. Kevin Knox looks awful this season but so does Randle. Who gives a shit if you swap their minutes. The Knicks are losing regardless.

I’m going to punch a hole through my computer.







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