Watch The Trailer For ‘Finding Dory’ And Pretend To Be Excited Even Though It Looks Awful

I know we’re always supposed to be excited every time Pixar releases something, and we’re supposed to be hyped because of the nostalgia for a movie we liked as children is getting a sequel… But no. Finding Dory looks dumb and boring as shit.

Not every good movie needs a sequel. Finding Nemo was great. I mean, I’ve seen it literally 200 times so I’m pretty numb to all Finding Nemo activities but Finding Dory looks straight up stupid. The plot is lame as shit and pointless. Was anyone watching Finding Nemo and thinking to themselves, “I wonder what Dory’s family is like. If only she could remember.” I’ll probably watch this movie when it’s on ABC Family on a Sunday night in two years.


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