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Watch The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer and Join Me in WILD Speculation About The Plot

First immediate thoughts: wow. This might be the perfect trailer. It gave us everything we wanted to see and didn’t reveal any of the plot. I have no idea what’s going to happen in this movie which means one thing and one thing only, WILD speculation time.

What exactly is happening in this movie. At first, I thought they were simply going to copy and paste the training scene from Empire Strikes Back but photoshop Luke’s head for Yoda’s and Rey’s for Luke’s but it appears as though Luke is straight up terrified of Rey.

I want/NEED a huge Rey heel turn. I think this movie is setting up a major switcheroo. In the final shot, we see what appears to be Kylo Ren and Rey joining forces. Obviously, it’s extremely possible that it means Kylo Ren is joining the good side with Rey because I sneaky think they are related and that’s another big reveal that will happen but what if Rey joins the Dark Side and Kylo Ren switches to the light?

Rian Johnson would have a lot of heavy lifting to do after JJ Abrams filled The Force Awakens with unanswered questions that The Last Jedi has to answer but the cinematic gymnastics of Rey becoming a Sith would be phenomenal.

I’m all in on Mark Hamill’s terrified face. Luke in the original trilogy didn’t really experience that many emotions. Homeboy went to take the garbage out, came home to see his house was on fire and his entire family was dead and was just like ‘Sooo Obi-Wan, what were you saying about being a Jedi?’ and immediately left without shedding a tear. I love Luke being so affected by Kylo Ren’s actions.

Also, give me MORE Finn vs. Captain Phasma. I want two hours of that fight. Maybe like, 10 minutes of Rey and Snoke teaming up but yea, two hours of Finn vs. Phasma, plz. And more ice crystal foxes for no reason.

Also also, #RIPCarrieFisher







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