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Watch The Captain Marvel Trailer To See Brie Larson Punch an Old Woman in the Face and Other Cool Stuff

We are one step away from seeing Captain Marvel punch Thanos’s head off of his shoulders but first we get a solo movie where she punches other aliens’ heads off first. If this is truly the last Marvel movie we see before Avengers 4, this looks like it’s going to be the perfect preview to an amazing finale.

First of all, if this entire movie took place in that opening Blockbuster, I’d be all in. I don’t even need all of the space travel and G.I. Jane training montages. Give me a 2-hour thriller in a 90’s Blockbuster Video store. Art.

The biggest question I had going into Captain Marvel was how her powers would look. Ms. Marvel in the comics has never really had strongly defined powers. Sometimes she shoots beams out of her hands that are explosives and sometimes they are like sharp lasers. Sometimes she’s stronger than Thor and sometimes she can only fly around or whatever.

She’s got laser beams out of her hands, guys. [roaring applause].

Personally, I’m not super excited about Marvel pretty much running back the first Captain America movie about a guy in the military returning to the present day and feeling like an outsider but in defense of the MCU, there are only like, 5 unique origin stories in Marvel comics so it was only a matter of time until they repeated themselves.

Give me all of the aliens. All of the new planets. All of the Brie Larson costume changes. But most importantly, give me Brie Larson punching elderly women in their old faces.

This is how you get butts in seats. I’m buying infinite tickets to see Captain Marvel mollywhopping nice old ladies. Thanos practice.

I’ll see you all opening night in my Captain Marvel Starforce suit and 90’s Jennifer Aniston wig and Nick Fury eye patch. If you don’t see me, I’ll be the one in the back crunching loudly on popcorn during all of the quiet moments of the movie. Can’t wait.




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