Should the Washington Redskins Bring Back Kirk Cousins?

Soo an entire season came and went for the Washington Redskins and they refused to come to an agreement for a long-term deal with Kirk Cousins. Clearly, Cousins thinks he deserves franchise QB dollars and Washington wants to give him what he actually deserves, which is probably just McDonald’s vouchers and gas money.

Here’s the thing, Cousins finished third in the entire NFL with 4,917 passing yards. With 25 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and a completion percentage of 67%, which was better than Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford and Ben Roethlisberger, perhaps Cousins proved he’s one of the better quarterbacks in the league.

But then you watch him in Week 17 against the New York Giants and he looked like a high schooler playing against men. He couldn’t avoid throwing the ball to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. I don’t blame him for being sacked nonstop but he was sacked nonstop.

So should the Washington Redskins bring back Kirk Cousins? Yes. Why? Because he is a guaranteed victory against the New York football Giants and I’m going to need to keep checking off those two wins a year.

But to be unbiased for a (split) second, who is the alternative to Cousins? Remember Patrick Ramsey? If Cousins doesn’t come back next year then get ready to see Colt McCoy or Brandon Weeden on some other awful backup lead the Skins to a great draft pick in 2018 so we can start this process all over again.

Can’t wait.




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