Walmart Put a ‘Back To School’ Banner Above Their Gun Display

It’s easy to be outraged and blah blah but like, this is hilarious. This is in no way an accident. Whosever job it is to set up these displays for sure left that back to school banner on that gun display on purpose and he should be given a raise.

Shout out to Walmart for having fucking gun displays. Perhaps they should be apologizing for militarizing civilians instead of making a silly joke. Walmart is the weirdest place on Earth. You can get an industrial sized vat of Capri Sun and a duffle bag full of assault rifles in the same day trip.

Walmart is essentially just an Amazon store for people who don’t have wifi in their homes or the cars they live. It’s Target without a cleaning crew or any real sanitation regulations. If you’re going to back to school shopping with your children at this store then chances are that kid is going to at least shoot himself in the face so this is fine.




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