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Wait, Can We Talk About The Dallas Cowboys Giving Amari Cooper The Dumbest Contract This Offseason?

The Dallas Cowboys signed Amari Cooper to a 5-year $100 million contract which went in one eat and out the other until I was writing an unrelated article about Odell Beckham Jr that required me to look up the highest-paid receivers in the NFL.

Do you know who the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL is? Amari fucking. Cooper and his $100 million salary. His annual salary of $20 million is second behind only Julio Jones’s $22 million. Outstanding.

Now, we all know how the free agency market works. The best players don’t end up with the most money. Every year, players reset the market and blah blah. It’s why Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garrapolo were the highest paid QBs in the NFL for a couple of seasons when we all knew damn well those two didn’t deserve to even have parking spots close to the practice facility,

But the quarterback and the wide receiver position do not hold equal value. Especially if you’re the Dallas Cowboys with Ezekiel Elliot already being the highest-paid running back ad Dak Prescott just signed a franchise tag worth around $31 million and they’re still working on a long term deal for him.

Before I continue scratching my head, I should mention that in 25 games with the Cowboys, Cooper has 132 receptions for 1,914 yards and 14 touchdowns. But when building a team, it does not behoove a franchise to allocate their entire salary cap to the QB-RB-WR combo that has won a grand total of one (1) playoff game together.

We should also remember that Dallas traded a first round pick in 2018 to the Oakland Raiders in order to acquire Cooper. If Dak Prescott is as good as ESPN would like you to believe then it would have made far more sense to simply draft a wide receiver, pay him a fraction of what they’re paying Amari Cooper for just as many seasons as they signed Cooper too and have much more money left over to improve the rest of the roster that went 8-8 last season and did everything in their power to miss the playoffs.

Here’s what an NFL exec said about this Amari Cooper contract:

“I’m always suspicious when I hear a guy like Cooper took less money than he could have got from another team when the dollars are at the top of the market. I’m not convinced the Redskins were willing to pay $20 million a year. Teams get bluffed in free agency. You have to be willing to say, ‘Here is what we are willing to do.’ Amari Cooper, $20 million? To me, it should be no more than $15 million with all the receivers in the draft and what the veteran receivers were getting in free agency.”

I agree, this deal was shit. Cannot wait for Dak Prescott to throw the ball at Amari Cooper’s cleat’s on third and short with the game on the line and under absolutely zero pass rush from the defense as the best and highest-paid player on the team, Ezekiel Elliot, is on the sidelines next to a cheap defense that let Dwayne Haskins put up 400 yards on them.

Lololololol @ Dallas.






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