Vince Staples’s FM! Is The Best Album of the Year For This One Specific Reason

Vince Staples is BACK and after a couple of more experimental albums with Prima Donna and Big Fish Theory, he is back spitting about his homies getting shot over rap beats instead of those 90’s video game loading screen beats from previous projects.

Let’s keep it real, I pulled up this album, saw ‘New earlswearshit’ and smashed the play button like there was a gun to my head.


I don’t care if this is a 23-second interlude of a full 4-minute single, you drop an album with an Earl verse and you drop the album of the year. It’s a simple formula. It’s a shame more rappers don’t try it. The world needs more Earl sounding miserable like the last thing in the world he wants to do is be in front of a microphone. Those ‘rapping is a real burden for me’ bars from Earl are always fire.

I’m going to switch things up here and give a track-by-track album review as I’m listening to it for the first time.


Feels Like Summer


Real quick, this entire album is produced by Kenny Beats and I need to make it very clear before I go any further that outside of Metro Boomin, Kenny Beats is the best producer in the game right now.

Feels Like Summer feels the Ty Dolla Sign requirement that every 2018 rap album seems to have. Can’t. Knock. The Hustle.




Shout out to Vince Staples releasing the album of the summer as winter begins. Zig when they zag. Chess not checkers. Outside! makes me want to call out of work and start day drinking in my backyard at 11am.

Buuuut it gets dark at like, 4pm after Daylight Saving Time and it’s about 40 degrees out as I type this soooo let’s put a pin in Outside!


Don’t Get Chipped


Can’t wait til I’m rich, I’m finna buy a whole crate of guns
From ’round 90 Crips, shit I really came from the slums

Vince is all the way in his bag. This is why I’m here for this album. No one is better at making me nod my head and tap my toes while they rap about the horrors of the hood. He can ironically mock people who glorify that life while simultaneously boasting about surviving it.

Jay Rock is the other rapper right now that can do this so of course he’s on this track. Jay Rock is having himself a little year. Can’t wait until a year from now when we all look back at TDE’s roster like ‘wow Kendrick, Jay Rock and SZA all came from that one label. That’s crazy’ while Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul’s images fade out of the photo like Thanos just snapped his fingers.




I was scrolling through Twitter while I was listening to this so upon first listen, I’m sure it’s fine. My bad. I went for straight songs giving my complete attention. That’s never happened before. It was only a matter of time until I got distracted.


Run The Bands


Thank you, Run The Bands. I needed an anthem to inspire me to go commit crimes. Really needed a good ‘Oh, you want that? Just go take it then’ track in the middle of FM. If this song is in my ears while I’m walking through a Duane Reade, I might fuck around and walk out with some free chapstick.




Put 20 seconds of E-40 on any record and I’m dancing. Put E-40 on any of those sad Adele tracks and everyone’s getting hyphy with a tear streaming down their face. In a way, I’m glad there isn’t a full E-40 verse. My back is stiff today. Didn’t want to have to stand up and hurt myself.


No Bleedin


I have pretty much every song by or featuring Kamaiyah saved in my Spotify library so No Bleedin joins a robust roster of jams.


I want whatever that you want, let’s get it brackin
Ain’t with that talkin’ bullshit, I want that action
I need it all up front, that’s what I want
Play and get stumped, I get active


I’m. Ready. To. Punch. People. In. The. Face. I have my fists clenched through the entire song just in case I need to throw hands at a moment’s notice. No bleedin’ me.


Brand New Tyga


lol skip.




Now this is the haunting track I needed to maneuver through the streets when it’s pitch black at 5pm this winter. This is some ‘wear a hoodie and make the old white lady cross the street when she sees you’ music and I’m here for it.

Kehlani adds the perfect vocals and is easily the best feature on FM! Outside of Earl, of course and checks off the ‘all my friends are dead’ portion of the Vince Staples experience.



FM! is the album of the year.






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