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USC Just Saved The New York Jets From Making A Franchise Destroying Mistake

What Happened?

USC has balked at giving permission to the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals to interview Trojans offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, league sources told ESPN.

Sources said a perfect storm of the NFL’s new enforcement of an old rule has led to the situation where the Jets and Cardinals can’t talk to one of their head-coaching candidates.

At last month’s NFL owners meetings in Dallas, league officials informed team executives that they now had to request permission from college athletic directors to interview college coaches. Not doing so would be considered “conduct detrimental,” and the NFL could then dock draft picks from teams, sources said.


The New York Jets were ready to risk it all for former Texas Tech head coach and current USC offensive coordinator, Kliff Kingsbury, before USC stepped in and vetoed the interview request.

From USC’s perspective, you can understand their desire to latch themselves onto Kliff like an over-protective boyfriend going through his phone and seeing who’s texting him.

Kliff Kingsbury is responsible for Johnny Manziel’s Heisman season when he was the offensive coordinator at Texas A&M. When he took over at Texas Tech, his air raid offense gave Patrick Mahomes god-like stats.

The Trojans have a sophomore QB, JT Daniels, that they’re trying to mold into the next great USC quarterback like Matt Leinart or um, John David Booty or whoever. Kliff Kingsbury can unlock a ceiling in JT Daniels that no one even knew Daniels had.

But from the Jets perspective, the fuck are you thinking?

Texas Tech went 5-7. They were absolute trash last season. Let’s remember, Kliff Kingsbury didn’t move on for a better job opportunity. My man was fired because he stunk at his job.

You just drafted Sam Darnold, someone who can be the franchise quarterback for the next decade. Do not bring in someone who has never coached in the NFL and can barely lead 19-year olds.

Kliff Kingsbury would be a great offensive coordinator but when it comes to being the head coach and managing all phases of a football team, you’re basically hiring a coach you know you will be firing in two years.

Sam Darnold and the Jets need stability. You don’t want this man learning new offensive systems every other year. Look at Matty Stafford. This man has a new coaching staff every single season and it shows. I have no idea if he’s good or not but the constant change in offensive philosophy can’t be great for his development.

USC gave the Jets Sam Darnold and now they’re preventing them from making a mistake that would set back their organization for years to come.. Not all heroes wear capes.




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