Uh, Megyn Kelly is Having a Bad Week…

So Megyn Kelly, coming off the heels of a less than impressive interview with Vladimir Putin, was preparing to drop another weird interview with America’s Sweetheart, Alex Jones, when all of a sudden victims of the Sandy Hook shooting came out of the clouds to protest giving a voice to a man who denies that the shooting ever happened.

Makes sense.

But Megyn Kelly was unphased. She’s a journalists, damn it. And by journalist  I really mean she’s trying to get those sweet delicious ratings and she knows that bringing on controversial guests is going to pay for that summer beach house.

Then advertisers decided they were going to pull from her show if they aired the Alex Jones interview. But Alex Jones isn’t really the type of guy who gets pushed around so he decided to step up and release the interview on his own website thus completely cucking Megyn.



Megyn Kelly is having a bad week…

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