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UCF Campus Evacuated After Student Throws Baby Powder In the Air Like LeBron James

A building on the University of Central Florida’s main campus was briefly evacuated Wednesday after a man in a LeBron James jersey interrupted a class by tossing powdered baby formula into the air.

The UCF Police Department announced the all-clear about 12:30 p.m. after testing the powder and determining it was baby formula. The incident occurred inside the Business Administration 1 building, a major classroom building at UCF.

Police are still seeking the powder-tosser, described as 6-foot-2 with blond hair.

“The suspect stood up in a class that he is not believed to be a student in, and threw powder in the air,” the agency tweeted. “Out of an abundance of caution, we evacuated the classroom and the building while we investigate.”



This goes in the same category as Florida State quarterback, Jameis Winston, standing on a table in the cafeteria a few years ago yelling “fuck her right in the pussy” under ‘Florida isn’t funny and they’re about 3-4 years behind on all internet memes’.

This is why we can’t have nice things. We can’t enjoy the NBA now because blonde assholes are running into freshman trigonometry classes and throwing baby powder in the air like LeBron James. Know your audience. Read the room. You really think these geeks at UCF know you’re pretending to be LeBron?

With everyone walking into classrooms and shooting everyone, perhaps this is bad timing for your cute little powder prank. Plus, UCF is in Orlando. You need to have Magic fans running into classrooms banging underage girls like Dwight Howard or something. Remember when Dwight Howard was caught banging a teenager in a hotel room? People forget that.

Anyway, fuck this kid.




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