Tyrone Hankerson Was Really Out Here Living His Best Life After Scamming Howard University Financial Aid Office For $400,000

Former Howard University financial aid student-employee Tyrone Hankerson Jr. has released a statement declaring his innocence through his lawyer.

Hankerson was named in a recent anonymous Medium post exposing the scheme and accusing him of taking over $400,000 in financial aid funds.

“Between 2014 and 2017, another financial aid student-employee, Tyrone Hankerson, was repeatedly awarded a $65,000 ‘University Need Based Grant,’” the author wrote in the now-deleted post.

“In 2014, Hankerson was awarded another $22,683 scholarship, labeled as a Mock Trial Scholarship,” the author continued. “Sources who have been involved with the mock trial, including past leadership, say the team has never awarded a scholarship of that amount and wouldn’t even have had the budget to accommodate a scholarship of that amount.”




Yoooooo, LOOK AT THIS MOTHERFUCKER. That’s REAL fur. Those loafers though. Have you ever seen anyone skip in the air like that? That first photo is the textbook definition of ‘happiness’. My man is out in Italy with the baby shorts that for sure cost more than anything I’ve ever purchased.

Tyrone Hankerson was stealing directly from Howard University and wasn’t even hiding it. If Howard was curious where this hole in their finances was going, all they had to do was check Tyrone’s Instagram to see him in the fresh furs walking past the ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign. Put that picture in the Scammers Hall of Fame.

Can’t. Knock. The Hustle.

Somewhere this guy is pretending to be an airline pilot and writing phony checks while Tom Hanks chases him around the world.

“Tyrone Hankerson Jr. has released a statement declaring his innocence through his lawyer.” BAHAHAHAAHAH yooo, we see you leaping in the air like Will Smith at the end of Pursuit of Happyness when he finally got the job, my guy.

My man isn’t wearing socks. What a scamming legend. I’m inspired.




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