Tyrod Taylor’s Biggest Flaw As a Quarterback is That He’s Black

A rough outing from Nathan Peterman was enough for the Buffalo Bills to turn back to Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback.

Head coach Sean McDermott named Taylor the team’s starter for Sunday’s Week 12 game against the Kansas City Chiefs during a press conference Wednesday.

“I don’t regret my decision. I regret the result,” McDermott said after the game, per the team’s Twitter account. “This is in part about winning now and in part about winning in the future.”

(Bleacher Report)

Q: How much did you worry about Peterman’s psyche if he had to go back out?

A: That’s all part of the process. At some point, rookies have to play. You’ve seen that from our team. You’re seeing that we have a number of young players playing, one of the tops in the league in fact at that. That’s how you get better is you play young players, you develop, they get experience, they learn from things and then they get better. That’s how we all improve. That’s how you develop the future of the organization. That’s how you develop sustained success. That’s how you develop a foundation. You continue to develop players. Some of those players are young players. That goes with it.


In the middle of a tight playoff race, Buffalo Bills head coach, Sean McDermott, decided to bench the best starting quarterback on the roster, Tyrod Taylor, for Nathan Peterman, the worst quarterback in the NFL.

Sean McDermott refuses to acknowledge that he absolutely blew it and instead continues to say that he made the right decision. “At some point, rookies have to play”. What are you even talking about? No, they don’t. When has Bill Belichick ever benched Tom Brady during the middle of a playoff race to start Jimmy Garappolo because hey, rookies need to play, man.

I know Tyrod Taylor isn’t Tom Brady but the idea that you NEED to run a 5th round quarterback out there to get demolished against the San Diego Chargers pass rush is insane. That’s what practice is. Let Peterman get reps in practice. He doesn’t need to start in the middle of the season because Tyrod Taylor isn’t taking enough shots down the field.

I won’t go through the numbers like I did when Taylor was initially benched but he now has 11 passing touchdowns to just 3 interceptions and a major part of playing quarterback in the NFL is controlling possessions and not turning the ball over.

Blake Bortles is so bad that there is a twitter account mocking his accomplishments or lack thereof. Whenever I see the words ‘Blake Bortles highlights’ I laugh out loud at that oxymoron. How many teams have to play hot potato with Brock Osweiler before he gets kicked out of the NFL like Robert Griffin III?

Why does Tyrod Taylor, who was leading the Buffalo Bills to a 5-4 season that could potentially end the longest playoff drought in sports history, get the shortest leash? He lost two games in a row and was benched for a 5th round rookie. The Miami Dolphins have lost 4 games in a row and Jay Cutler will be starting and cashing checks until he doesn’t feel like it anymore yet if Tyrod Taylor doesn’t throw for 300 yards this weekend, he’s going to get benched again.

What is the difference between Tyrod and all of these other quarterbacks I mentioned? OH YEA, Tyrod is black which means he needs to transcend an entire organization like Mike Vick, Cam Newton or DeShaun Watson or else he’s unemployed.

Notice, there are no black versions of Josh McCown. McCown is a 38-year old quarterback whose career record is 22 wins with 48 losses but he continues to get signed through his 40’s even though he has never been more than ‘fine’.

Tyrod Taylor isn’t a great quarterback. But the second he stops winning, he’s gone from the league but COLT MCCOY IS STILL ON AN NFL ROSTER RIGHT NOW. How is Ryan Fitzpatrick still a thing?

Tyrod Taylor’s biggest flaw is being black.





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