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Totally Sane And Not At All Crazy Woman Handcuffs Herself To Twitter HQ Because Her Account Was Suspended For Being Racist

What Happened?

Far-right activist Laura Loomer became the latest conservative figure to be kicked off Twitter when her account was shut down Wednesday.

Loomer said she was told by the platform that her account violated its rules against hateful conduct after she sent a tweet criticizing Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and her Muslim faith.

“I’ve been silenced in America,” Loomer said in a video posted to YouTube in response to the Twitter ban. She had more than 260,000 followers on the social-media platform before her suspension.


Laura Loomer is an Alex Jones-esque Internet troll/weirdo/probable racist that had her Twitter account suspended so naturally, she did the logical move of heading to HQ and protesting by handcuffing herself to the door.

You just hate to see the good guys get silenced.

I don’t have much to add to this story but I will say, shout out to Laura Loomer for the ultimate finesse of claiming she was banned for being Jewish and not for being an alt-right asshole. At one point in her live stream, she yells out that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey either hates conservatives or jews, which one is it?

It’s probably the former.

Loomer was banned after a tweet about the first Muslim woman elected to Congress, Ilhan Omar, a Democrat out of Minnesota, in which she said used her win as an opportunity to shit on Islam and Islamaphobia is one of the Alt-Right’s greatest hits.

Shame we won’t be able to see her FIRE tweets anymore. Also, handcuffing yourself to a door that you pull to open does not obstruct or disturb anyone’s day enough to make an impact.

Laura Loomer, evil genius.



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