Top Prospect Ed Oliver Losing His Shit on the Sidelines After Being Told To Take His Jacket Off Shows How Awful College Football Can Be

What Happened?


So let’s recap what’s happening here.

Ed Oliver is the potential No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He is a defensive tackle that hurt his knee playing against Navy and was expected to return against Tulane but chose to take that game off too to ensure his body is fully healthy.

Which makes sense considering Ed Oliver isn’t going to Houston to get his communications degree. He’s there to make it to the NFL Draft and teams tend to not draft players that don’t have two functional knees so Oliver is focused on his future.

Houston head coach, Ed Oliver, took it personally that his best player sat out and chose to pick a fight with him for no reason. I don’t know that words that were exchanged but Ed Oliver did not take kindly to what was said and acted accordingly by freaking out.

Then in the postgame press conference, Major Applewhite, who has the dumbest name I’ve ever heard, doubled down and explained that only starters get to wear jackets and Ed Oliver didn’t deserve to have one on.

Apparently at Houston, if you’re not a starter, you have to be freeze because it builds ‘toughness’.


The most annoying part of this altercation is that today on ESPN, college football analysts are going to say that Ed Oliver should behave himself and that this should affect his draft stock because he had a ‘meltdown’.

You know who we should be mad at?

These college football head coaches who treat these teenagers like animals to build ‘toughness’. Wild how a kid died at Maryland University this season and nothing has changed in the sport at all.

Ed Oliver is the best player on the team and he’s cold on the sideline. Let him wear a jacket. It’s fine. You don’t need to try to embarrass him on national television to prove some point.

Get Major Applewhite the fuuuuck out of here.




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