Time To Relegate The Los Angeles Rams To The XFL

Thanks, I hate it.

The Los Angeles Rams were the chosen ones. Sean McVay was the wonder child who turned Jared Goff from a turnover-prone loser into an MVP candidate who went head-to-head against Patrick Mahomes on Monday Night Football and somehow outscored him.

We’re not that far away from an offseason where coaches were being hired simply because they had McVay in their phone contacts. Although the Rams did not win that Super Bowl against the Patriots, we all assumed they’d be right back in contention for years to come.

The Rams finished 9-7 last season which seems like a decent season but in the NFC West, that makes you the third best team behind San Francisco and Seattle while temporarily sitting on Arizona’s chest as Kyler Murray slowly realizes he can do whatever he wants on a football field because most defenses can’t stop him.

Los Angeles is trending down and their marketing department wants to make it clear that the Rams are ready for the XFL. Look at that fucking logo. Did they hire a graphic designer off Fiverr? It would make sense when you look at the awful decisions this front office has made the past couple of seasons to expedite their decline.

In 2018, the Rams signed Todd Gurley to a 4-year $60 million extension which in a vacuum makes sense. He was coming off back-to-back All-Pro seasons. He led the NFL with 17 rushing touchdowns and was the most talented player on the field any time he was out there.

Except he spent the entire Super Bowl on a stationary bike doing Soul Cycle shit instead of actually playing in the game as we would later find out he has arthritis in his knee. Always good to make your player the highest paid at his position when he has Joe Biden knees.

Then the gave Jared Goff a 4-year $134 million deal giving him the biggest salary cap hit in the entire league. Cool. Jared Goff threw 22 touchdown passes in 2019. He also had 26 interceptions and fumbles combined. Highest paid player in the league giving back to the community with turnover after turnover. Everybody eats. Love my socialist QB1.

The Rams went to the Super Bowl and immediately made the worst possible decisions they could. This awful new logo was inevitable.

Time to send these weirdos to the XFL where they belong. Save Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald though. They didn’t ask for this.






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