Three Busy Debras Is The Most Absurb Brilliant Garbage On TV Right Now

Three Busy Debras is a show on Adult Swin that runs about 12-minutes long and is absolute chaos from beginning to end. Three suburban privileged white women all named Debra and their ridiculous adventures.

Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari and Alyssa Stonoha play these entitled sociopaths who all embody a terrifying archetype of the type of woman who is outraged that salon aren’t open so hair stylists can risk death in order to do their highlights but aren’t outraged enough to protests with the rest of the lunatics because they haven’t had their hair dyed and they could just put a hat on but their faces look ‘cute’ in hats.

The show is not a direct parody of any one specific thing but they’re more mocking an idea. Just the namesake alone represents an annoying housewife that cheats on her husband and immediately tells him about it to ruin his self-esteem. Debras are essentially Karens but with money.

In one episode, the town ATM erupts with free money and the Debras do everything in their power to get it to stop because all of the town’s workers have become too rich to work for them. It’s a brilliant show where three women accidentally murder the pool boy and freak out because their neighbor threatens to tell the police and get their tubes tied because the ultimate penalty of the suburban housewife is infertility.

It is the perfect reflection of rich women who don’t even really like each other but just spend time together because they live in the same proximity. They dread going to Debras house for a sleepover. They’re ready to hire actors to replace the other Debras on a moments notice.

But it’s also a 12-minute Adult Swim show which means it is stuffed with random absurd nonsense. The second episode is about a Cartwheel Club that one of the Debras isn’t invited into. In the final episode, all three characters go off on their own adventures in the weirdest episode of the entire series.

And when I say this show is garbage, I am not describing its quality. As hilarious as this show is, not every joke is the most highbrow level of discourse. There’s some jokes that are designed for the audience that would be watching Adult Swim at 3am on any given Tuesday.

Three Busy Debras is without a doubt one of the funniest shows on TV right now. Also, every show should be around 13 minutes. It’s cool that Netflix gives creators the freedom to have various episode run times but yea, let’s keep this shit around 11 solid minutes so we can go about our day.







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