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13 Thoughts About Thor 4: Love and Thunder

  1. Marvel reminded the world at Comic-Con last weekend that they still have bullets left in the chamber and can throw 100mph whenever they feel like as they announced Phase 4 of the MCU.
  2. I 1000% thought the MCU was finished. Obviously they were going to continue making these movies because they are money factories but after Endgame, superhero fatigue is REAL.
  3. SIKE, Thor 4: Love and Thunder is about to be fire.
  4. Taika Waititi is back for Love and Thunder. Outside of the Russo Brothers, there’s no one I trust more to make a Marvel movie than the guy who made Ragnarok and had the balls to have Cate Blanchett slash Thor’s eye out of his skull.

5. Put Tessa Thompson in every movie.

6. There are rumors that she will be representing the gay community. Sometimes I hate when those announcements come out. I’m not totally sure who they’re meant to attract. We all watched Ragnarok. Wasn’t it obvious? Can’t we just enjoy subtleties in movies or is she going to look into the camera and say ‘I like women’? If not, then there’s no need to promote it. It’s like, totally normal to be bi in 2019.

7. Also with Natalie Portman back co-starring with Tessa Thompson, I will be treating Thor 4 as a spiritual sequel to Annihilation. Everyone go watch Annihilation right now.

8. Inject Lady Thor into my eyeballs and let me overdose on Thor being a woman and cocky as hell about it too.

9. It’s going to be annoying when they do the whole ‘Thor isn’t worthy’ storyline that they’ve beaten to death but if you’re familiar with Thor comics then you know that really the only way the writers know how to bring drama into his life.

10. This seems like a passing of the torch but in a not so obvious way. Thor will be an Avenger forever but there’s no way Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth want to keep making these movies so who will actually walk away from this movie holding that hammer?

11. Natalie Portman seems like she has a room full of stacks upon stacks of scripts she hasn’t gotten around to reading yet. Can’t imagine she’s turning down potential Oscar art movies to wear leather and hang out with Tom Hiddleston for 4 months every year.

12. By the way, how much is Marvel paying Portman and Hemsworth? Out of all of the original Avengers, Chris Hemsworth is the only one who appears to have a career outside of the MCU yet he persists. Chris Evans didn’t leave Marvel to go remake 12 Angry Men.

13. Regardless of how this movie turns out, it’ll be astronomically more interesting than Black Widow.

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