This Woman Actually Won The 2019 Slam Dunk Contest

Get Miles Bridges OUT of here.

Miles Bridges went out there and stunk it up which led to the best dunk reaction of all time. You guys can have Shaq with the camcorder or Kevin Garnett jumping up and down but the best dunk reaction will forever be this woman’s disapproval.


I don’t care if you put on a Larry Johnson jersey. I don’t care if you wear a fake gold tooth. I don’t care if you bring Mugsy Bogues out for no reason, you gotta actually finish your dunks, my guy.

Shout out to this woman who appears to work at the Spectrum center so she knows more than any of us how much Miles Bridges stinks. She’s in the arena every home game just shaking her head.

I hope homegirl changes the locks on Bridges so he can’t get into the arena next week. Honestly, I wished she changed the locks before the 2019 Slam Dunk Contest so that Miles Bridges didn’t participate.

That was probably the worst slam dunk contest I ever saw but the good news is, I have a new reaction gif for the next time John Collins tries to dunk over a paper plane or whatever.

Yo, that contest SUCKED. Get Miles Bridges OUUUUUUT of here.



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