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This One Clip of Elizabeth Warren on The View is the Perfect Example Of Why It’s Impossible To Have a Conversation About Politics

Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, went on the View for some reason and one quick minute clip from the show is the perfect display of how awful every political discussion is.

First of all, The View is the worst show. I was going to say the worst show on television but I wouldn’t be shocked if this was just recorded in a private studio and only clips of Meghan McCain looking like an asshole were leaked online every week.

Elizabeth Warren is explaining her plan to tax the wealthiest Americans while maintaining status quo for the middle class in order to pay for healthcare and education. Still don’t understand why people who aren’t in that tax bracket continue to defend the billionaires who don’t give a shit whether or not we live or die but that’s a conversation for another day.

As Liz Warren was making strong points, Meghan McCain tried her darndest to interrupt her and change the subject to what one can only assume was some bullshit.

That’s usually how this goes. Whenever someone is making a valid point that goes against your political view, the only move you can make is to change the subject and being a little pissant.

But I don’t want to sit hear and dunk on Meghan McCain. Just Google her name and you can get your fill of slander on the woman whose entire career exists due to her dad’s accomplishments. No, this isn’t about me shitting on the swollen face of nepotism.

The real reason I love this clip is because of Joy Behar. Joy, like Meghan, also cuts off Elizabeth Warren. She wants to know if the middle class will be affected by this new radical tax plan.

But what made me want to throw my phone across the room is when she asks “What about the middle class? What about us?”

Excuse me? Joy Behar has been on The View since 19fucking97. She’s been getting TV checks for a decade and a half now. Did she really just claim to be middle class? Did she just say “us”?

One of two things occurred there: Either 1.) She is every corny white ‘ally’ who believes she’s hip to the actual struggles of the working class and thinks she’s one of us because even though she’s wealthy, she still has a wealthier boss writing her checks and her neighbor probably has a bigger pool or whatever so she totallyyyy gets how regular Americans feel.

OR 2.) it was a nervous slip of the tongue. She was sitting there sweating listening to Lizzy talk about taxing the rich and clutched her pearls. What about us????

Light rich people on fire.

Even when they’re pretending to care about the non-rich, they’re still only thinking about protecting their pockets. Fuck the sick. You want healthcare? Star on The View then. Otherwise fuck off.



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