There Will Be Zero (0) Baseball Games in 2020

Major League Baseball owners are pretending to be poors as they approved a proposal this week that includes a sliding pay scale that would force the highest-earning players to take massive pay cuts and the lower-earning players would make closer to their usual incomes.


There will be exactly zero baseball games this year. The highest paid players would receive less than 40 percent of their salaries. Laugh out loud.

Baseball has no salary cap yet it’s the hardest sport to earn money. You spend years in the minor leagues playing in Chattanooga for a $25 Amazon gift card and first dibs at the hot dogs the ballpark throws away after the 9th inning.

Then when you make it to the Majors, your organization takes you through years of arbitration where they shit on you in order to get away with paying you less than you deserve and then you finally make it to free agency, you’re around 30 years old and have to sign a 25-year contract because you don’t know when you’ll get another payday oh, and now there’s a pandemic and the owners are cutting your pay in half.

Fuck. That.

Now, obviously these players need to take a pay cut. Almost every industry is suffering financially and they’re all taking pay cuts. It’s a necessary evil to keep their companies afloat. Major League Baseball is no different. Without live crowds, baseball teams are going to be operating at a pretty big loss.

But telling players who spent their entire lives working for these contracts to then take a fraction of that contract to play in an eerie empty stadium praying they don’t catch a virus that’s killed 100,000 Americans is mission impossible.

And what’s even more disappointing than the owners lowballing the players is the fan outrage at the players for not jumping at this opportunity.

The people who blow billionaires and defend them no matter how much money they hoard and how destructive their tax elusion is to the economy because they ‘worked hard’ to ‘earn’ those billions are taking the side of the billionaire owners exploiting their workforce, yet again.

If you can’t afford to take a financial loss for one season then you should sell your team, broke boy. There’s still TV money and with baseball being the only live sports available, the ad buys would be through the roof. Pay the fucking players.

That being said, if there is going to be an 82 game season than it’s wild for the players to expect their full salaries. The players should be doing everything in their power to play as many games as possible. Play day/night double-headers and have fewer days off to get more games in but you have to get closer to 162 games to receive 162 games worth of pay.

But billionaires who LITERALLY HAVE MORE MONEY THAN THEY CAN SPEND IN THEIR LIFETIME do not deserve sympathy for having a bad fiscal year due to a pandemic that we are all suffering from. 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment since March. Who gives a shit about CEOs having to skip their vacation to Belize this summer.

Again, if you can’t afford to pay players this season then sell your team. And yes, the players should take cuts but the best players shouldn’t be penalized for their greatness. How do you defend billionaires for their ‘hard work’ while simultaneously telling Gerrit Cole that none of his hard work matters and he should take a cut? You buffoons.

Not to mention that the owners losing a year does not affect their ability to earn their money back but these players only have so many years to physically compete and make their money before their bodies simply can no longer perform at a high level. Stop. Defending. Billionaires. You herbs.

Unfortunately it appears as though both sides have radically different ideas on how to restart this league. I’ll see you all in 2021.




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