There is One Massive Thing About Ohio State QB Tate Martell Transferring To Miami That No One is Talking About

Tate Martell was a redshirt freshman and poised to replace Dwayne Haskins as the new QB1 for the Ohio State Buckeyes. In limited play this past season, Martell was completed 82% of his passes for 269 yards and a touchdown. He also ran 22 times for 238 yards and 2 touchdowns.

And then Justin Fields transferred in from Georgia and usurped the throne from him so naturally, Martell made moves from wack ass Cleveland down to Miami.

Add this to the growing list of Jalen Hurts’s bad beats. He was supposed to run Alabama and then Tua came and snatched his chain. And then after finally deciding to transfer, Jalen Hurts wanted to go to Miami. Nope, Tate Martell is running that show now.

But this isn’t about Jalen Hurts constantly catching L’s. This isn’t about the future of the Miami Football program. No, this is about something much more important than that.

My man Tate Martell’s full name is TATHAN?!?! Why isn’t this the lead story on Sportscenter? Two parents looked down at a newborn baby and were like ‘aw, he looks like a Tathan‘. I mean shit, autocorrect doesn’t even let me type the name Tathan’.

As a Huskers fan, I feel a type of way about Miami but now that they have a Tathan on campus, I might have to become a Canes fan for the next couple of years. I have no choice.

Just hand Tathan the Heisman now. He’s already won it.


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