The Sacramento Kings Real Reason For Not Drafting Luka Doncic Proves They Are The Worst Franchise in the NBA

Everyone loves to dunk on the Atlanta Hawks for trading away Luka Doncic to Dallas for Trae Young. I am one of those people. It’s extra hilarious knowing that they used the extra draft pick they acquired in the deal to pick Scam Reddish this summer.

Cam Reddish is shooting 29% from the field right now. 29%. HAHAHAHA @ Atlanta.

Trae Young can nutmeg defenders and shoot from the logo all day long. Luka Doncic is a future MVP and the Hawks traded him away.

But let’s not forget that the Sacramento Kings had the No. 2 pick of the 2018 NBA draft and chose Marvin Bagley III who missed 20 games last season and has only played one game in 2019. It’s too early to even think about labeling him as a bust but again, we’re comparing him to a future MVP.

Here is what ESPN reporter, Tim McMahon, said on the Woj podcast regarding the Kings decision to pass on Luka:

“My understanding is that [Divac] being so close to Luka and knowing his dad so well factored into their decision,” MacMahon said. “Basically, he didn’t think a whole lot of Luka’s dad, and the whole like father like son … well … no, this is a different dude. You messed that one up, Vlade.”

Oh no. Vlade Divac is the Vice President of basketball operations for the Sacramento Kings and awful at his job as he didn’t draft Luka Doncic because he didn’t like his dad.

Doncic is currently averaging 29.9 points with 10.4 rebounds and 9.7 assists. The Mavs are the 3 seed in the Western Conference. That wasn’t supposed to happen but Luka is that damn good.

Marvin Bagley has played one game this season.

And Vlade chose Bagley over Doncic because Vlade like, wasn’t mega cool with his pops.

So there you have it. Save all of your New York Knicks jokes. They didn’t sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Blah blah. The Kings didn’t draft the best player available because his dad sucks.

Please direct all of your bullshit to the Kings who fired Dave Joerger who coached the Kings to their most successful season since Peja Stojakovic was on the roster, and replaced him with Luke Walton who was in the midst of a sexual harassment lawsuit and got ejected out of Los Angeles the second LeBron sized him up and realized he had no idea how to coach.

At least when the Knicks make dumb decisions it’s because they’re dumb not because they have personal grudges against players and their families.

The Kings are the worst franchise in sports.


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