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The Rock Wants To Run For President #Rock2020

In an interview with Caity Weaver for GQ, the former WWE champion was asked whether he would honestly consider running for president of the United States one day.

“I think that it’s a real possibility,” he said.

Johnson gave a similar response on “Good Morning America” last summer when asked about a piece the Washington Post ran about the political viability of him running for president, but noted he would only do so if he felt he could take on the responsibility.



Welp, looks like The Rock will be our president in 4 years. If anyone was considered about the Trump administration then you can relax right now because The Rock has never lost a day in his life. Everything he wants comes to be. He is a God among men just manipulating matter around him.

My only hope is that Kanye West runs against. I don’t care who’s the republican and who’s the democrat. I just want them in a debate against each other just cutting WWF promos.

I want Trump to run for a second term now. Fuck it, bring back Hillary too. I want every personality in the ring. I cannot wait for 2020 presidential Royal Rumble, winner gets to run the most powerful country in the world.


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