The Reveal of Rey’s Parents Was Perfect

So spoilers…duh.

JJ Abrams, for some reason, decided to fill The Force Awakens with questions that I don’t even believe he personally had answers to himself. Rian Johnson stepped in and had to plug the holes that JJ created and the biggest question that needed to be answered was who are Rey’s parents. The Last Jedi knocks it out of the park.

I won’t lie to you, I think I read infinity Reddit fan theories about Rey that ranged anywhere from being a Skywalker to being related to the Emperor to being Anakin reincarnated. Personally, I wanted her to be a Kenobi just so we can get a little Ewan McGregor force ghost nagging her hygiene or whatever the fuck the prequels were about.

The Last Jedi saw all of those lame ass theories and laughed in our faces with the most simple reveals and the ideal answer to a mystery that should’ve never existed. After a few force Skype calls between Rey and Kylo-Ren, Kylo is able to read her past and see that her parents are….nobody.

That was an amazing moment and probably one of my favorite moments in a Star Wars movie. A franchise built around destiny and prophecies and all of that fantasy wish fulfillment completely turned its own legends on its head.

Rey is a character in this universe that is aware of the prophecies and she convinced herself that she was one of the special people and born for a purpose and to have that dream crushed by the reality that she is just some girl who was born and raised on an irrelevant desert planet is some real shit.

People hate The Last Jedi because they don’t believe that it’s a true ‘Star Wars’ movie. I loved that everyone isn’t a Skywalker. I loved that Rey’s parents were simply a couple of assholes just trying to get by while Jedi and Sith are murdering each other and blowing up planets.

Not everyone is special. In fact, most people aren’t.


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