The New York Knicks are the Best Team in the NBA and No One Can Tell Me Otherwise

Last night was the season opener for the New York Knicks and they completely dominated the Milwaukee Bucks as they won by a very comfortable 122-97. It was a total massacre in Milwaukee. Blood in the streets. The New York Knicks are the best team in the NBA and no one can tell me otherwise.

I know what many of you are saying to yourselves, “It’s just the first game of the season and it was the Milwaukee Bucks.” Well the Milwaukee Bucks were a playoff team last year and it’s called setting the tone of the season early. Would you rather the Knicks get blown out? They walked into whatever Milwaukee’s shitty arena is called and burned it to the ground, the way great teams play on the road.

The New York Knicks scored 122 points and Carmelo Anthony only had 11 of those points. That’s how you know you’re about to go 82-0. When your star player barely scores in double figures and you still score over 100 points, the NBA championship is basically a guarantee.

The Knicks have the best bench in the NBA. Derrick Williams will be the first MVP to come off of the bench as well as the first MVP with frosted tips. Langston Galloway is the best 3-point shooter in NBA history. Kyle O’Quinn was +23 which means the team just turns up to turbo mode when he’s on the floor. No team has a bench that can hang with the Knicks. In those pivotal swing times in the game like the end of the 2nd quarter and the beginning of the 4th, the Knicks are just simply putting better guys on the floor than any other team can. Sure, teams might have a really good 6th man coming off the bench but the Knicks have like 5, 6th men coming off. It’s unfair.

Kristaps Porzingis, AKA Dr. Doom, is the rookie of the year. Second coming of Tim Duncan. Robin Lopez is a defensive presence in the paint. And Jose Calderon is, uh, alive. Everything is coming up Knickerbockers. The only downside to the Knicks being the best team in the NBA is having to wait until spring to see them inevitably win the chip. Patience is a virtue I suppose.

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