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The New York Jets Are Going 0-16

Yo, what the fuck is going on in The Meadowlands?? This is the new head coach of the New York Jets? This is Adam Gase? Dear god, the Jets do not stand a chance next season.

Most people were suprised to see the Jets choose Adam Gase over Mike McCarthy for their new head coach considering that Mike McCarthy has a 125-77-2 regular season record with a Super Bowl ring on his hand while Gase is 23-25 with aproxiametly zero playoffs wins under his belt.

Adam Gase has been labeled a quarterback ‘whisperer’ but based off these photos from his press conference, this man has never whispered in his life. It’s mostly shouts and stabs to your breast plate.

Gase has been given credit for Peyton Manning’s record season in 2013 when he was the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, which is strange. I get the feeling that Peyton Manning, the future Hall of Famer, was going to have a historic season with or without him.

He was then given credit for Jay Cutler having a great season in 2015 when he was the offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. The Bears were the 18th ranked offense that year. 18th ranked offense and he earned himself the head coaching job in Miami.

What is happening here? Is Adam Gase holding these executives hostage and demanding these jobs?

This quarterback ‘whisperer’ worked with Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler at the ENDS of their careers. He didn’t develop them into anything. They were finished projects. Gase had three seasons with Tannehill and I’d say he’s, what? The 20th best QB in the NFL?

Yup, time to take Sam Darnold under his tutelage where he can take someone who could potentially be the most dynamic quarterback in New York Jets history and turn him into Andy Dalton.

I mean shit, LOOK AT THIS MAN.

He looks like he just saw the twist ending of Shutter Island and had to pause that shit to fully fathom what he just watched. He looks like how I imagine OJ Simpson looked riiiiight before he took two innocent lives and how he looked riiiiiight after he somehow got away with it.

The New York Jets are going 0-16.




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