The Main Villain of the New Joker Movie Has Finally Been Revealed

What Happened?

Joaquin Phoenix, seen filming Todd Phillips’ upcoming Joker on the New York subway this weekend, appears to have declared war on the wealthy. The production, which has been seen filming in public repeatedly, continues to drop clues about the activities and associates of the would-be Crown Prince of Crime in the new origin story. The most recent photos tease a major reveal about the movie’s premise.

The 1980s-set film focuses on a struggling stand-up comedian named Arthur Fleck (Phoenix). Marc Maron and Robert De Niro are slated to play a talent agent and TV host, respectively, both of whom will presumably play a roll in Arthur’s rise to notoriety. Brett Cullen plays Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s father), and, as in DC Comics Batman: Earth One, the Wayne family patriarch will run for mayor – albeit under different circumstances. And it seems that the would-be mayor of Gotham will become one of Arthur’s targets in the upcoming standalone film. That much can be inferred from a recent batch of set photos.



Joker vs. The 1%. When the main character of your movie is a psychopathic bloodthirsty murderous maniac, it’s tough to get the audience behind that protagonist but Todd Phillips figured out the solution to that problem. It’s pretty simple. Have the serial killer attack the wealthy elite.

Yup, take all of my money right now.

This is a little bit like Christopher Nolan’s Joker except Joker was burning money and just messing with people for the sake of chaos and this Joker looks like he’s planning on specifically targetting rich people and government corruption. This movie is going to be catharsis.

I can’t wait for the scene where The Joker throws Brett Kavanaugh off a building and burns Trump Tower to the ground after leading a women’s march. This new woke Joker will make me feel better about the fact that Batman’s arch nemesis is already a middle-aged man before Bruce Wayne is even born so by the time he’d become Batman, The Joker would be more than elderly.

But nope, this movie is going to be all about stealing from the Clinton Foundation and sinking Betsy Devos’s yachts. Take. All. Of. My. Money.




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