The Houston Rockets Aren’t Offering 4 First Round Draft Picks For Jimmy Butler, Here Is The Real Player They Think Is Worth That Much

What Happened?

The Houston Rockets are making a renewed bid to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler, including four future first-round draft picks in their most recent offer, league sources told ESPN.

The Timberwolves have continued to solicit offers on Butler since the start of the regular season, the sources said.

Houston’s push represents a desire to sacrifice some long-term roster flexibility and go all-in with a legitimate third star to partner with All-NBA guards James Harden and Chris Paul in pursuit of a championship.

The Rockets’ offer constitutes the maximum number of first-round picks allowable in a deal, factoring in league rules that necessitate no first-rounders can be conveyed in successive years, and no pick can be traded further out than seven seasons.



The Houston Rockets are no longer playing with you motherfuckers. This team is off to a slow start after replacing Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute with Michael Carter-Williams, who would be out of the league if he wasn’t on the Rockets and Carmelo Anthony, who would be out of the league if he wasn’t on the Rockets.

Chris Paul is out after mushing Rajon Rondo and two-piecing him. James Harden jumped for the first time in 7 seasons and pulled his hamstring so he’s gone for god knows how long. The Rockets season just started and it might already be over.

So naturally, GM Daryl Morey is putting his gigantic balls on the table and is offering 4 first round draft picks to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Jimmy Butler in a move that would save both teams’ seasons.

But the Rockets aren’t straight up handing the Timberwolves 4 first round draft picks for Jimmy Butler. There’s more to it than that.

First of all, Houston is $30 million over the cap so if they want to get Butler on the roster, they can’t just exchange draft picks. They need to add players that match his $18 million salary this season.

Also quick aside. It’s INSANE to me that Jimmy Butler and Tim Hardaway Jr are making the same amount of money this year. One is an All-NBA shooting guard and the other plays for the Knicks. I’m mad as heck.

So what are the Houston Rockets really doing?

It was reported that the original deal for Butler was going to be Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker and probably 1 first round draft pick. Their combined $20 million would be able to match Jimmy’s contract and both teams would get better after that deal. It was a win-win.

Except Daryl Morey took PJ Tucker off the table. That’s what this whole thing is all about. The Houston Rockets love PJ Tucker SO much, that they are willing to trade 4 first round draft picks just so that the Timberwolves agree to a trade without him.

And can you blame both teams for wanting him? PJ Tucker be dresssinngggg, boyyyy.

Sure, in his career he’s only averaging 7.4 points per game but you know for a fact that James Harden and PJ Tucker are shutting down strip clubs together after a random Wednesday night blowout loss to the Utah Jazz or something. You have to keep your superstars happy. Harden and Tucker need each other.

This summer, the Houston Rockets traded Ryan Anderson to the Phoenix Suns for Marquisse Criss and Brandon Knight. On October 31st, the Rockets are allowed to re-trade those players if they so choose. It would appear as though the Rockets are going to give Minnesota 4 first round draft picks and Phoenix’s old scraps for Jimmy Butler.

If they’re able to keep Harden, CP3, Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker AND acquire Jimmy Butler to play with Carmelo Anthony too then my god, pray for every strip club in Texas. The Rockets would automatically become my favorite basketball.

Came. Thru. Drippin. Take 5 first round draft picks. Just let this man stay in Houston.





sidenote: You know who’s not going to call Karl-Anthony Towns a pussy at practice every day? Brandon Knight. This trade might literally save KAT’s career.

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