The Eagles Desperation To Hire Nick Sirianni Is Exhibit A Showing How Much The NFL Hates Hiring Black Coaches

It’s that time of the year again. Time for every nfl head coaching vacancy to get filled by some 38 year old white dude who once took a photo with Nick Saban.

In a league that’s composed of mostly black players, you’d think you’d want to occasionally hire someone who looks like them and shares similar experiences with them but nope. You need to hire a skinny dude named Shawn who looks like freezing cold milk.

(White) Fans and bad faith NFL media members will say that the league is a meritocracy and the whites getting hired have earned it. Any rule that forces them to hire minorities would be considered “handouts”.

Interesting how hiring a black coach that deserves it is a handout but hiring your buddy that you worked together for the 0-16 Detroit Lions is not. You two lost every single game but man he deserves this.

Enter Nick Sirianni.

39-year old, Sirianni is the former Colts offensive coordinator who was just hired to replace Doug Pederson in Philadelphia.

Let’s talk about the hiring process of this young boy.


Starting an argument with ‘if it was a black person’ is always so cringy and obvious but like, this motherfucker was on vacation and didn’t even wear a suit to his interview. Not only did he not wear a suit but the Eagles CHANGED CLOTHES TO MAKE HIM COMFORTABLE.

When have you ever heard a story about white executives going out of the way to make a black candidate comfortable? You always hear that black candidates ‘don’t interview well’. Hm, I wonder why?

I promise you if the Eagles went to interview a black coach and he was like ‘oh sorry I’m on vacation’ while wearing a Hawaiian shirt, then it would be a very short zoom call and we’d hear about how unprofessional the negros are.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Sure, the Eagles hired a white kid to be their head coach but certainly he will fill his coaching staff with a diverse group of qualified experts.

lololololol JK, just more milk.

The NFL will never solve the problem of coaching diversity because the people with hiring power have absolutely zero desire to do so. The white owner hires a white general manager so he can hire a white head coach and then that white head coach hires a bunch of white coordinators.

But we already know that. The teams already know that. The NFL already knows that. And no one is going to change anything.

Racism is undefeated.


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