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The Boston Celtics Own The World Right Now

I hate the NBA Draft Lottery. It is a night of false hope. It is the night if crushed dreams. It is a night in which the New York Knicks get stuffed into a locker and teams like the Boston Celtics emerge on top.

Last night, the Boston Celtics walked away with the first overall draft pick in the 2017 NBA Draft because life isn’t fair. Somehow the Celtics were able to pull the wool over the NBA’s eyes and the rich will be getting extremely richer during the offseason.

Boston is currently the number one seed in the Eastern Conference and they are about to play in the Eastern Conference FINALS1 yet they still have the first pick because they robbed the Brooklyn Nets blind a few years back. Absolute heist.

If you don’t understand the gravity of this situation yet, allow me to quickly catch you up. The Celtics are most likely going to draft Markelle Fultz out of Washington, who by all accounts, will be a perennial All-Star.

Putting him next to Isaiah Thomas means that Avery Bradley will most likely not be resigned but who cares, Fultz is a monster. The Celtics would suddenly have one of the most dangerous backcourts in the NBA.

But on top of that, Boston could very well go out and sign Gordon Hayward who played under head coach Brad Stevens at Butler. The script is perfect for a Boston Celtics takeover. Oh and just a reminder, they are ALREADY the number one seed in the East.

What if they flip that first pick and send him to Indiana for Paul George? Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward and Paul George would be the weirdest big 3 ever created but potentially the most lethal one ever.

The Boston Celtics own the world.



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  1. where they will be swept but still.

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