The Best Soccer Player on the Planet is Sitting Out The World Cup and We Should All Care Why

Ada Hegerberg is the best soccer player on planet Earth and she won’t be participating in this year’s World Cup for Team Norway out of protest until the Norwegian women’s team gets as much support and equality as the men’s team does in her country.

This year, Hegerberg won the first ever women’s Ballon d’Or award and clinched her clubs fourth consecutive Championship League Title by scoring a hat trick in a 17-minute span. Again, she’s the best in the world.

In an interview with ESPN, Hegerberg explains that playing for the French club, Olympique Lyonnais, showed her the disparity between the way the men and women are treated as equals in France compared to in her home country.

“It’s the amount of respect and the fact that we’re equal in terms of conditions, the pitches we have, eating in the same canteen, and really taking a part in the club together with the men’s team. People stay here a long time because they love it, they actually have a comfortable life here, and they can live from football and compete at the highest level.”

It’s fucking INSANE that the best player in the sport won’t be competing in the biggest global tournament because her country doesn’t value her or her teammates.

A 23-year old phenom won’t appear on the biggest stage in the world and we all need to take a step back and look at the conditions that would force this woman to make such a massive sacrifice.

Get your shit together, Norway. If we don’t see Ada Hegerberg in the World Cup in four years then burn that country to the ground. This is completely unacceptable.

Pay these women. Give them the best facilities to practice in. Fix your shit. Be better. No one has ever said these words before so this is going to sound weird but be more like France. Ew.

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