The 4 Highest Paid Players in the NFL Have Won a Combined ZERO Playoff Games

Shout out to the Minnesota Vikings for going out there and making Kirk Cousins the highest paid player in the NFL even though he’s never had any real success in this league. The NFL is super dumb.

People like to defend the Jimmy Garoppolo contract because of what he is capable of. Yes, he is 7-0 in his career as a starting quarterback in the NFL. That’s great. He has never entered the season as a team’s QB1 with opposing teams having an entire offseason to scout him and gameplan against him. I wouldn’t quite say he’s earned $27 million.

I didn’t even realize Derek Carr was making $25 million but he wears eyeshadow and his new coach is Jon Gruden which means he will no longer be throwing the ball and instead, will be handing off to the fullback on 1st, 2nd and of course, 3rd down so yea, that contract is awful.

When it’s all said and done, Matt Stafford might have every single passing record solely due to the fact that the Detroit Lions are always down in the 4th quarterback and he’s constantly throwing the ball like, 60 times a game against prevent defenses that allowing him to complete passes.

Stafford has been in the league for almost a decade. He’s won zero playoff games. All of these players will be making a combined $107.5 million in 2018. Typing that just made me sick. I might become an NFL quarterback and make $20 million like Sam Bradford in a couple of years when Drew Brees retires and the New Orleans Saints get desperate. Can’t wait.




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