The 20 Greatest Hip-Hop Posse Cuts of All Time

My favorite tracks in hip hop are the ones in which the best rappers join forces for lyrical sparring matches. A posse cut is a song that consists of four or more rappers going in one after the other.

Posse cuts are a true display of both the brotherhood in hip hop as well as the competitiveness. Everyone goes into the booth attempting to have the best verse on record which has lead to some incredible and legendary songs. Here are the 20 greatest to ever bless our ears.


20. N.O.R.E. – Banned From TV featuring Big Pun, Cam’Ron and The Lox

If you asked a 10-year old me what my dream collaboration is, he’d say ‘Big Pun and Cam’Ron’. Noreaga is able to distinguish himself in this star studded track but Big Pun melted this beat. This song belongs on everyone’s work out playlist. The beat makes me want to shadowbox and run up a flight of stairs.

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Written by Deadseriousness

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