Teacher Gets Unfairly Suspended For Pole Dancing

What Happened?

Kandace Mason said the school suspended her for violating a policy in which employees are to act as role models and “are responsible for their public conduct … even when they are not performing their job duties as employees of the school system.”

The school district provided a statement to the station saying Mason was “suspended with pay pending an investigation,” but did not disclose any further details.

Mason, a single mom of two who holds several degrees, said she uses pole dancing as a way to stay in shape and as a form of self-expression.

“I’ve never felt ashamed of pole dancing. It’s just an art for me. I just don’t see it as negative,” Mason said.

(NY Post)


Kandace Mason is a teacher by day but she has a personal life. On occasion, she pole dances. That doesn’t affect her ability to teach in any way. As she states, it’s how she stays in shape and it’s a form of self-expression. It’s the same as her being like a painter or snipping bonsai trees or whatever. Interior design. Etc.

“It’s just an art for me”. Let’s leave this woman alone. Ms. Mason shouldn’t be suspended for expressing yourself. All she wanted to do was post extremely public Facebook videos of herself basically naked spinning on a pole for herself. Not for you people.

If you don’t want to see your child’s homeroom teacher stripping to T-Pain songs then don’t click the videos. It’s that simple. What Kandace Mason does in her private life and then posts onto the Internet for everyone to see, is none of our business.

This is like in the movie Half Nelson where Ryan Gosling plays a teacher who smokes crack from time to time. He was an amazing and caring teacher during the day and if he wanted to unwind after coaching basketball practice with some of that sweet sweet delicious crack rock, that’s his choice.

Let Kandace Mason teach and be a little thot when she gets home. It’s 2018. Turn her videos into an anatomy lesson for the boys and girls.





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