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Teacher From The Middle School I Went To Was Fired Because a Student Found Her Topless Pics (And She’s Suing For $3 Million)

A middle school math teacher has filed a notice of claim saying she will bring a $3 million lawsuit against the South Country School District, accusing the district of firing her after a student obtained a selfie of her topless.

Lauren Miranda, 25, of Mastic Beach, says she was treated unjustly by the district because, she contends, a male teacher seen topless in a photograph would never be punished.

“I am a teacher who is being penalized for being a woman,” Miranda said at a news conference Monday in the Miller Place office of her attorney, John Ray. “My future has been condemned because I am a female, with female breasts, seen in a mild selfie.”

Ray said, “We are in the Millenial and Z Generation, and things have long changed since the days of Playboy magazine … Today, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the display of a woman’s chest.” (Newsday)

Soooo, a teacher from the middle school I went to is out here slinging tit pics so wrecklessly that they’re accidentally falling into the hands of her students. Do you realize how carelessly you have to be sharing these photos for a 12 year old to just stumble upon them randomly?

Ah, to be 13 again sitting in the East cafeteria. What a wild day that would’ve been. Taking a break from making fun of Brianna’s acne ridden face and spending all of my lunch money exclusively on those perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies to pass around a teacher’s tits.

But round of applause to homegirl and her attorney for coming through with the WILD ‘if this was a male teacher who was topless this wouldn’t be a big deal’. That miiiiight work at a small local beach when you pop the top so you can avoid tanlines but some annoyed mom tells you to put your breasts away. Not sure if that ‘free the nipple’ shit works in the classroom.

By the way, if that was a topless photo of Mr. Kelly back in the day, I guarantee that photo would be passed around more than this girl’s topless pic. Oh man, we would’ve gotten so many jokes off if it was a guy (especially Mr. Kelly). We’d still be mocking him to this day.

But is this sexism?


I feel like regardless of gender, there’s a hard and fast rule that your 11 year old students can’t ever see your nipples. Like, ever. If my gym teacher, Mr. Erickson, popped his top off while teaching us basketball drills, he’d leave in handcuffs by the end of the day.

“I am a female, with female breasts, seen in a mild selfie.”

lauren miranda

Most people’s ‘mild selfies’ are photos of them sitting in their car on their lunch break pre-Subway sandwich. If Lauren Miranda thinks THIS is a ‘mild’ selfie, what do the hardcore one’s look like? Based off how easy it is to get your hands on this girl’s nudes, I’m sure we’ll all know by the end of the week.

Can’t wait for this horny teacher to bankrupt the school district I graduated from. We didn’t have Spanish textbooks in 8th grade. This $3 million hit could be a problem. Lauren Miranda is about to burn Bellport to the ground.

Sidenote: Clean your fucking room, Lauren. Don’t send me a photo of your boobs until you fold your laundry.

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