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Drunk Couple Arrested at 3am For Banging in the Street

A couple from Florida who were in the throes of passion had their lovemaking disturbed by a concerned cop – and they were determined to let him know about it.

Tabatha Lehman, 45, and Craig Schultheis, 46, were upset at being caught at it, in the early hours of Monday morning by a cop from Largo police, near Tampa.

Officer Logan Ward quickly learned the couple were not pleased to be interrupted and wrote in his notes that the pair were ‘naked from the waist down performing sexual activities on each other’.

According to the Smoking Gun, Schultheis kept repeating that he was ‘just trying to get a piece of a**’.

Lehman was equally as crude as she kept declaring she was ‘getting her p**** eaten out’.



Cops are the worst. It’s 3am and you’re ‘just trying to get a piece of ass’ when all of a sudden the pigs coming sniffing around and cockblock you. Tabatha Lehman was minding her own business just ‘gettin her pussy eaten out’ as one does, but nope, their parade haaaad to be rained on.

I assume this is old hat in Tampa. Humping in the middle of the streets at 3am in Tampa is the equivalent of driving without a seatbelt everywhere else. Sure, you can give someone a ticket but you’re mostly just being a dick if you do.

In fact, it wasn’t even really sex. She was just ‘getting her pussy eaten out’. Nothing to see here. They might as well be arrested for holding hands. Cops are the worst.




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